Sunday, September 21, 2008

Spotlight Child

Our ward Primary does what is known as a 'Spotlight Child' each week in closing excercises. They do this by giving clues from questionaires each child filled out earlier in the year. As more clues are given, the field gets narrowed until the spotlight child (theoretically) remains left standing alone to be recognized.

About 2 months ago is when I learned that the Primary did these Spotlights. I learned about it when I heard Jackson crying in that angry kind of cry from the opposite side of the church. His best buddy Kooper had gotten to be the spotlight and Jackson felt like it was him (apparently they both hate green beans, like the colors green and blue, and have lots of siblings). Following the sound of his crying, I found him VERY upset insisting he should be the spotlight. It gave us a good chance to talk about being happy for others and being gracious (this was after we had the 'You'd better stop crying like this at church! Geez!' talk). He was still sad/mad, but it was an important lesson. He reported to me for several more weeks that he still hasn't been the spotlight, and we got to reinforce the whole 'happy for others' and 'you can't cry like that at church' ideas.

He hadn't mentioned the spotlight to me for a couple of weeks and I forgot about it. Then today after Sac. Mtg. he hugged me goodbye to head for Primary. He took a few steps away from me, then stopped and turned back saying that he REALLY hoped he would be the spotlight today, but if he wasn't, he would clap for whoever it was (of course he showed me how he would clap and smile). :) I grabbed him and gave him a squeeze before telling him it sounded like a good plan and sending him on his way.

Then today it happened! Jackson got to be the spotlight! He had a big sticker on the chest of his white shirt and a bag a candy! He was RUNNING to find me after church. He puffed out his little chest so I could see the proof! He told me some of the clues that narrowed it down to him... hates green beans, favorite colors, etc. I am grateful for our hard working Primary Leaders and I am glad they let Jackson wait it out for a while so he could learn that we all can take turns and it works out OK! :)


meegz said...

You seem to be great at helping your children to learn good lessons. good for you. Does a Mom's heart good to see her boy running down the hall with THE sticker on his chest though, doesn't it?:)

ShelleyG said...

I revised my post as I noticed I skipped over the 'Be Quiet!' part of our conversation when I first learned about spotlights! I was not gracious about wanting him to be more gracious! :) I must say I really was excited for him when IT finally happened.