Saturday, September 27, 2008

Relief Society Broadcast

Our stake put on a potluck before the RS general broadcast at the stake center so although we have Dish, I headed into the church to see what our RS General Presidency had to tell me. I think I liked the first few talks, but I reallly, really like the talk given by Pres. Uchtdorf. It resonated with me. I appreciated the idea that we can get a lot of joy from creating. I often feel like I shouldn't spend time on 'making stuff.' I am not really crafty, but I find a great deal of satisfaction in lots of creative pursuits. I felt like he was saying it was OK to spend time creating. I am sure most people know or agree with that idea, but I really felt like I was being quite selfish with my time when I did this. I am one that likes to know and follow the rules, so it just made me happy knowing one of our leaders gave the green light on spending time creating.

I also very much appreciated his comment and insights on the value of service. I think too often, even in the church, we are subscribing to what I call the Gospel of Oprah. I love Oprah. I use her as an example because everyone knows her and believes her. She does a lot of great things, but teaching the plan of happiness is not one of them. She teaches the idea that we need to be appreciated (instead of learning to appreciate others), that we need to pamper ourselves first (instead of serving), and that the key to happiness is finding your passion (instead of losing yourself to find it). While these all make us happy in the short term, they are not helping us to put off the natural man. I have missed out on a lot of contentment by trying to find happiness Oprah's way (aka the world's way). I am glad that Pres Uchtdorf reminded me once again that service is the key. We need to help others to forget our own troubles. I know this is true and have seen it work so well in my own life, but I do need to be reminded constantly about it as I tend to be very self-centered.


meegz said...

I echo your thoughts on conference. I too loved his talk. I felt the spirit as he spoke regarding service and being happy with who you ARE, not who you aren't. All too often we forget that we are of worth. Satan is doing his best to help us forget, we just have to remember that we can do BETTER.:)

Laurene Ross said...

Isn't it wonderful that we all get to hear the same words of our leaders at the same time. I loved this whole conference.