Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Birthday

Today I turn 37! Wowza! :) I must say I have had an outstanding birthday. We have 11:00 church so that gave me time to cook bacon, omletes, & potatos. Since it is my birthday, I ate extra bacon. heehee Elise wrote me some sweet notes (she taped a heart shaped pretzel to one). Hank brought me an orchid. When we hopped into the car, I noticed it had been vacuumed and wiped down (Gabe, Seth, and Elise did this last night). There was a minimum of sibling strife today. Church was pleasant. Even the weather was in a lovely mood!

Upon our return from church, I noticed Kristine had brought me over some flowers and balloons. I also got a call from my parents in Trinidad. They are doing really well. They leave this next week for their new assignment on the island of Tobago. It was great to hear from them.

Kristine had given us a ham recently and I thought today would be a good day to eat it (I enjoyed the bacon so much I thought I should just go with it). Since it was a large ham, I called a few friends last night. The Manns, The Kennedys, and the Johnsons came over for dinner. We have known the Manns and Kennedys for a long time, but the Johnsons have recently moved into the 1st ward. We have been trying to hook up with them. I told Lucy (Johnson) it was my birthday and I knew that was kinda weird to invite them over when they hardly know me, but they were super cool about it :) It was a great night and I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's company. There were lots of kids with no major mishaps (love that!).

After everyone left, I tried a spin on Mario Kart (for Wii) with the kids. I stink at it. I got it for my birthday. Yes, that's right. I got it for myself for my birthday! heehee I went upstairs and hugged my boyfriend who was cleaning up the kitchen. Ah, birthdays! Why can't they come more often....OK, maybe I don't mean that...37 is plenty. But when I hit the hay, I'll certainly fall asleep with a smile! Thanks everyone for a great day!


meegz said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!! Glad it was a great one. Yeah, 35 is sounding old to me too!:) My Aunt is two years older than me? Funny families. Take care.

meegz said...

I just looked at the notes from Elise. I'd dare say she has her father's blood in her.;) CUTE!!

Lucy said...

Michelle, can I tell you how excited I am that you blog? I can tell you've got a knack for it too - your funny outlook and energy really come out!

We were so excited to come to your house, and even more flattered to be invited over on your special day. I'm glad you had a great birthday. You deserve it.