Friday, September 12, 2008

Lunch at the Pit

I guess there is a new Friday lunch tradition at the gravel pit. Friday Fajitas. Perry built some cool burners for cooking Fajita's as per Ceasar's recipe. They are so proud of it that they were brave enough to tell John to invite me to lunch too! All of the guys get together to enjoy some home cookin'! Or I guess some pit cookin'!
The fajitas were delicious and although they are a little rough around the edges, the guys are always very nice and polite to me. I would have to say it was the most interesting lunch date I have had in a while!
Check out the cooking contraption. It was made from a disc (like on a tractor attachment) with an edge welded onto it. They welded the stand it sits on and the burner is a modified grass burner attached to a propane tank! Very Crafty!


Laurene Ross said...

Your life is one big adventure. I love reading about it.

Mimi said...

In Rio Rico all the sub crews had lunch like this. They would look around in the "stuff" around the house they were working on and find something that would work for a grill (inside rack from a stove, piece of tin, etc.), get firewood from the surrounding mesquite trees (of which there are multitude everywhere you look) and cook their carne asada. When Clint was working on one of the houses, they invited him for lunch daily. He had nothing but good to say about it. Just goes to show that we don't have to have quite all the "things" we think we need, huh?