Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm a Hula, Hula, Hula Baby

This is the title of a song I learned in 3rd grade. My teacher Mrs Payne (Mrs Viola Hiroko Koliko Vehi Vehi Kuahi Gashi Payne) was from Hawaii and she taught us all about Hawaii and we all learned to play ukuleles and make lais out of crape paper. I can actually play that song (and many others-mostly form the WWII era) on the ukulele while I sing it. It's a little higher than I'm comfortable with but since my husband is the only one I sing it for, it's OK. ;) I had some serious 3rd grade flashbacks this Friday night.

We attended a Luau and dinner with the adults of our ward tonight. It was at the home of Lyle and Jill Short. They have an amazing home that is humongo. We ate in the indoor pool room (the pic is a bit dark). We sat with the Bairds and the Manns. I noticed the table next to us had all of the couples that only have 1 or no kids. I no longer fit in at that table-not because I choose to NOT sit there, but because that demographic now sees me as one of the older folks in the ward. It's so weird because I feel like I am still a new mom kind of gal. I remember looking at old ladies with lots of kids and now it's ME! Freaky. That's cool though, because I liked my table better anyway! :)heehee

We were encouraged to dress up, but I got home from football and only had time to run a brush trough my hair before we needed to leave to pick up the Manns (we double dated). As we walked out, I picked a flower off of our sole houseplant. Kristine gave us a hibiscus tree this summer and it had a lone bloom. I stuck it behind my left ear (that means I'm taken) before I headed out in my flip-flops.
At the party we learned Hawaiian words, ate Hawaiian food, drank slush in cups with cute umbrellas (the Tucks were our cute umbrella dispensing bartenders), and then at the end of the night we got to try hula. Actually not hula, but HULA HOOPS!
When was the last time I hula hooped? I guess the whole 3rd grade feel stayed true through the night. Of course I gave it a try! One advantage of no longer fitting in at the young table is that you don't have any cool factor to risk with goofy stunts. I know I'm not cool, so I am able to make a complete goof of myself and do things like hula hooping. John tried it too, but I think girls are naturally better at it. Better hips. Ah how I loved 3rd grade. This was a fun chance to revisit it! Aloha!

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meegz said...

I don't know if Hula-ing is better for girls. You should see Will do it around his neck.:)
Glad you had fun.