Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting into Scouting

I had a good Webelos activity on Thursday. Scout Laws, Scout Oats, Scout Mottos, Scout, Scout, Scout.

John took Gabe on his first official Scout campout tonight after football practice. They will be camping down at the Delicate Arch near Aztec, NM. Kanyon Mann and Adam Moss went with John too. They will be hiking into camp under an almost full moon. I hope they have fun and get a little sleep as the boys have football games tomorrow.

When John is gone we have campouts in my bedroom. This usually involves popcorn, cartoons, and sleeping bags. All of the kids really love doing this although Seth is feeling a little sad that he didn't get to go camping-he's still 10 for a few more months. I am very sentimental lately and find I'm not in much of a rush for anyone to get older. I hope they will all be willing to 'camp' with me a little longer. John thinks it is so funny that I bring all of the kids up here when he's gone. I guess I can't sleep alone any more! heehee

Jebb took this pic of me.
Here we are at the foot of my bed!


fourlittleloves said...

Michelle I love that you do this because we do the same thing! Sometimes it's even when Kelly is home! The kids love being together I think. It hope it stays that way!! Hope to see you guys soon :o)

Laurene Ross said...

I know what you mean about growing up. I have decided to try and laugh and savor each moment more. You know, sometimes it is hard to do. I have a plan and a time table. Maybe I should try this camp out thing it sounds fun!!!