Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Football Family Feed Fun Forts Fourwheelers

We had a non-laborious Labor Day Weekend. Kip's family was up from AZ so we got to hang with them quite a bit. Of course we had football on Saturday. Luckily both games were in Durango-bummer they were at 9 and 3. Gabe got to help John do the chains for Seth's 9am game and thought that was pretty cool! Kip's fam. came and I think Kip would be a good football dad as he has a really good yelling voice. Seth's team didn't seem all the way awake yet... hopefully they will do better next week.

After the game we went to the park for a picnic and more football. This time it was Gilly vs. Gilly! I think everyone had a lot of fun and John was a great sport playing with the kiddos. Gabe and M&M discuss strategy in this pic. Gabe was amazed at how low the river is this time of year and laid down in it to illustrate the point. The playing in the park got Gabe warmed up for his late afternoon game. They played a tough team but they worked really hard and managed a good win (Gabe caught a TD pass).

Kip and Jess went to Pagosa on Sun. to see Jess' dad who lives there. We had signed up to feed the missionaries so we stayed here for that. Having 4 boys that I hope to send on missions makes me feel like I need to bank some 'Feed the Elders' karma so my boys won't go hungry wherever they are called to serve.

We had some pretty impressive rain this weekend and it scared us away from our boating plans on Monday. Luckily the kids were not at a loss for fun. They loaded up the mule and fourwheeler and headed into the woods to build a new fort. They took supplies the Schwan Man had delivered to Grandma's house earlier in the week. They took the BB gun and everyone got to shoot at some targets. They found a great spot next to the ditch where they built a lean-to type structue. They took hand saws to get posts and used bark for the roof. Very resourceful! :) They took the parents out to show off their handy work. I thought they did a great job. I love it when they work together on projects like that! Not only are they out of my hair, they are playing outside together. What more could you want?!

Kip has a really great family and his girls are terrific. My kids love to hang out with them and I am glad they have those relationships. I hope we will be able to maintain them through the years to come.


meegz said...

Glad you had a good weekend -- cousins are always fun to be around. It makes me grateful for all the driving my parents did back and forth from CA to CO so I could get to know my uncles and G & G better. Your children will thank you for the visits as well.:)

Mimi said...

We had the unexpected chance to visit with Kip, Jess, M,M & J at Jim and Jacki's Sunday evening...was really great to be able to sit and just visit. Kids were probably a little bored, but I love seeing them all and getting to visit with Jess. Family love is the best!