Saturday, September 6, 2008


Seth got to join all of the Florida Mesa Elementary School 5th graders on a 3 day camp out at Colvig Silver Camp. It is an old mining camp up near Lemon Lake that now serves as a retreat of sorts. It is several cabins and a main lodge where all of the campers meet and eat. They left from school on Wed. morning and returned to school on Friday afternoon. They do outdoor skills like hiking, swimming, and horseback riding. They also do team building activities. Gabe went last year and it is definately a highlight for all of the students. It really helps them bond with their class mates and their teachers.

Seth got off the bus on Friday and I picked all of the kids up at the bus stop in the car. I really missed him and we all took turns hugging him and telling him we loved and missed him. Seth really enjoyed his time at Colvig but he said he really missed us too! I am glad he got to have that experience. i wish I'd have sent a camera with him!

When I was in 5th grade in Mesa, our class went to Camp LaMia for 3 days. That was the first place I saw snow fall. I remember being struck by how quiet it was. We did activities that were similar to what Gabe and Seth experienced I imagine. Our family didn't go into the mountains camping much and I enjoyed being up in the pines. It can remember it being a real stretch for me to be away from my family for those few days at that age, but it was also exciting and fun. I felt big.

I hope Seth and Gabe will have fond memories of their time away from us... but I have to admit that I hope they remember they miss us too! :)

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