Friday, September 5, 2008

Chili Baby!

This morning Jebb and I were at Wal-Mart after dropping off the kiddos at school. This time of year if you buy a bushel of green chilis, they will roast them for you for free out front. I couldn't resist buying some Green Chilis! I love them in enchiladas. I haven't ever done it before, so I thought-hey, I'm doing apples, peaches, why not chilis?! The produce guy got me a new box of mild ones (we are wimps) from the back. We hung outside the store for a while until the roaster guy showed up. We were first in line since we had arrived so early- you can wait as long as a couple of hours in the afternoon.

In no time, we were back home with our chilis. They put them in a plastic bag for you so they can 'sweat' for a few hours before peeling. For some reason I thought I would peel them and freeze them for later in no time flat. I was Wrong!! I spent most of the day peeling, cutting, bagging, and freezing my bushel (why did I want a bushel??!) It was a messy job and me and the house smell like roasting chilis now. A bushel produces fewer quart-sized baggies of roasted chilis than one would imagine. I got about a dozen baggies.

Here's the big box they came in and the bag they 'sweat' in:

This is what they look like post-roasting, pre-peeling:

This is all that was produced (see the peels in the bowl!):

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