Friday, August 15, 2008

Relief Society Retreat

The Relief Society had a slumber party! I wish everyone could have been there because it was GREAT! This was the last activity that Lanae planned for us as the Enrichment Leader, as she will now serve in the Stake (Good Luck Lanae! :)). We went to Diane Farley's barn which has the hay loft converted into a large living quarters. Lori Bond cooked us all an amazing chicken dinner and the desserts were to die for (Did you know 'stressed' spelled backwards is 'dessert'?)!

Jill Ostergaard gave a fabulous presentation on filling one another's buckets with kind words and service. Everyone got a 5 gallon bucket with a fabric cover (Lanae's creation) to use as a 72 hour kit. Bev Mountain helped us all make these super cute necklaces (it was skaddz of fun!) that went with our 'adding drops to the bucket' theme.

Keely Farley gave an amazing class on making home made spa treatments, then gave us ALL a spa kit. She also gave us all a fun parafin hand treatment (my hands were so soft after that!) and an avocado facial with bizarre giganto cucumbers for our eyes (she grew them herself!).

There were almost 40 women who attended and it was so much fun to see everyone. We laughed a ton, chatted much, ate gobs of yumminess, learned some stuff, felt the spirit, and laughed some more! Really though, what more could one hope to get out of an activity? I enjoyed the sisterhood and the fun together. The only sad thing was that lots of ladies went home late instead of spending the night. About a dozen of us slept and snored together before another yummy breakfast made by Lori.
I am grateful for the good women in our ward that are examples and teachers to me. It was fun to rub shoulders and let our hair down. It is hard to get away with all the demands of life, but it was a wonderful recharge. I am so grateful to all the women that worked so hard to make it such a wonderful activity. I hope we will make it a tradition because it is one I would look forward to! :)


meegz said...

Man, I would LOVE that !!! Us Utah peeps don't do much like that -- I really don't want to mention it -- last time I mentioned a cool activity(the fun run before the bishops breakfast) they made me the RS Counselor. Steering clear!:)
Great activity!!

Mimi said...

We used to do that in Livermore, CA when Megan was little. I was one of the party poopers who went home late though...I never could convince myself that it was fun to sleep on the floor! We did it at the church in the Primary room. But it was great fun to all get together and take time "off" as you said! Glad you had such a good time!