Saturday, July 19, 2008

You got what?!..Nooooo!

So we celebrated Jackson's birthday on Friday. The only problem was that I was sick in bed and slept a good part of the day-not good for trying to get a party started. I had the quilt my Mom made for Jackson (it is beautiful by the way and Jackson LOVED it!) and some PJ's for him, but that was it. We needed some sort of toy. So on his way home from work, John stopped at out beloved Wal-Mart for a birthday cake and a fun toy.

I have no idea what possessed him, but I think he might be trying to freak me out or send me back to my deathbed. ;) Instead of a cake, he thought cupcakes would be cool. He got the creepy dark blue ones. STRIKE ONE. I don't know if you are familiar with them, but the dye they use on the frosting is straight from an ink well. It turns not only tongues and teeth royal blue, but lips, fingers, clothing, and anything else that gets within striking distance. And it does not wash off without a fight.

Jackson opened his presents (Sweet Elise wrapped up some stuff out of her room and drew him a picture of a muscular Jackson-too cute!). Kristine and Hank came through for him too! The only one left was the one John got. I gave the gift bag to Jackson (Did I hear it growl at me?!). He pulled off the tissue paper and there in all their green, angry glory, were Hulk Hands. STRIKE TWO. Are you familiar with them? They are giant green stuffed fists that when you punch them, say things like "GRRRR" or "You won't like me when I'm angry!" How charming!

Could the evening be saved?! I think I saw John giving me a sly grin now and then. Oh how he loves to torment me!!

He was on thin ice when he told everyone to get in their swimsuits because he was taking them to the Rec Center and Burger KIng!! AND HE HITS IT OUT OF THE PARK!! He saved the party! Yes, John was the party tonight!! He is a true SuperHero!! Thank you Sweetie- you single handedly saved Jackson's birthday!! The frosting made for a fun blue beard moment. Jackson LOVES the Hulk Hands. Everyone loves the Rec Center! I guess that is why every child needs a Mom AND a Dad! Although we do things differently, there is a time and place for both approaches!

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