Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jackson is 5

Today is Jackson's birthday! One problem though...we haven't told him that today is the day! Yes, we are lame parents with too much going on to celebrate our darling son's special day. My good parents called all the way from Trinidad to wish him a Happy Birthday only to be put off by their irresponsible daughter until tomorrow!! They were great sports and said they would call back on the morrow. This year we will be celebrating on the 18th. I suspect we won't be able to get away with a stunt like this for much longer... so we'll just do it while we can!!

Jackson Grey Gilleland is one great kid. He has been a spunky guy from day one. He is always busy and I stayed home a lot, as he had no qualms about just running off to explore wherever we went. He is very uninhibited! This quality is most endearing when he is telling me he loves me. He hugs and kisses and cuddles! I love it! This summer he has come into my room very early most mornings and we snuggle until it's time to get up. He is a very good big brother. He is very gentle and concerned about his 'Jebb-Jebb.' Jackson is the certainly the most imaginative of all the Gilleland kids. He is always pretending amazing adventures for him and Jebb. Many times with Jackson I had wondered if he would always be a wild child, but he has mellowed into a most pleasant kid to be with this last year. Jackson adds so much to our family. His spunk is a fun spice in the Gilly mix! He has a soft heart and is already a ladies man! Happy Birthday Jacks! I LOVE YOU!!! (We'll party tomorrow!)

These pics are from the family reunion. He wanted us to take a picture together. John took one and I took one myself. :)

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