Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happiness Found

Yesterday my husband had one of the worst days of his working life. Gravel Permits can be so stressful and sometimes the weight of making everything happen at work really can be heavy. I feel for him. I can't imagine the load of supporting a demanding wife and 5 maintenance needing children. John usually is able to leave work at work and be there for all of us. Rarely does he tell me that he is feeling the burden or the pressure so I was a little freaked out.

He has been trying to take our family to my favorite destination- Page, Az .... but since our summer has been FULL of traveling to other fun destinations I really can't complain that we still hadn't made it. This was our last weekend before football and school begin so it was now or never. Although I had been looking forward to it, when I realized the week John was having, I had no problem letting go of the idea. Nicole called (my sis in Page) to see if we were leaving soon... she was really cool listening to me freak out a little bit and tell her we most likely wouldn't make it.

My husband is amazing. He pulled it together, made some calls, had some meetings, and got home from work asking me why I hadn't packed while keeping a smile on his face. He said he had done all it was possible to do for now and it was out of his hands. Although it was admittedly not easy, he was leaving it to the Lord. Everything we have is on loan from Him, and if He is ready to take it all back to help us learn something then so be it. The Lord never leaves us out in the cold. I agree with my good husband and after taking some deep breaths I grabbed the kids, swimsuits, and some sunscreen and we loaded up.

We made it to Page after midnight, woke up, grabbed some food and water, and headed to the lake with the Martins. The boat is John's happy place and Lake Powell in late summer (warm water :)) is mine! We swam and played and jumped and swam again. The water is way up and we hit the Sand King (Gabe climbed it 3 times!!) and everyone had a fun, hot sand on the feet time.

I love that the Gospel helps us to understand that it is OK to just enjoy the moment and have faith that tomorrow will bring us what we need. Well, let me clarify that- It is up to us to work as hard as we can and bring the Lord our best solutions. Then, like the Brother of Jared, the Lord can touch our lives and light the way we need to go. THEN, we can let him lead us acrossed our proverbial sea. How can you go to Lake Powell and see the beauty there and not believe that the Lord loves to bless his children?!

John, Gabe, & Seth take the plunge

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Pitcher Gals

Yesterday we had a really fun surprise when my neice Jen called to see if she and her 3 darling daughters could spend the night with us! Yeah! She had to do errands on Tues afternoon and Wed morning, so it made sense for them to stay over. I am SO bummed I didn't get a picture of all of them swimming at the pond yesterday! They swung and swam and socialized! Pete and Cindy Tuck happened by so we all had dinner together. It sounds kinda hectic, but I just have to say, I Love It! I really do love it when our house is full and busy with friends and family. It makes me happy! I am not good about planning ahead well enough to organize things each week or whatever, so I love it when people call or it just works out!

We spent this morning visiting with Grandma Kristine and we saw Aunt Jan too! I am hopeful that Jan can help Kristine get more organized in her place, as I have a very short attention span for those things. This afternoon Jen took Miah, River, and Aspen (her girls) along with Gabe, Seth, and Elise to the Rec Ctr! What a fun Neice I have! Seth took the camera and got a shot for me!

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Wrights

Every Sunday when we go to church, we scope out the congregation looking at the new faces. Are they visiting? Move ins? Kids? I noticed one family with 6 kids this week. After church we headed back to say hello when it dawned on me that I knew the dad of the family. It was Chris Wright. He is a guy I grew up with in elementary school in Mesa, Az. Our paths also crossed a few times as my family moved to Prescott, Az and again in Page, Az. so it was funny that he was in my ward here in Durango. What a small world! I love it! He has a beautiful wife Krista and 6 great kids.

We invited them over for dinner on Monday. They bravely agreed-what if we were total freaks? You never know! :) (Maybe we are and we never knew...!) So they came for dinner and a dip in the pond. (We also invited Greg Mann and 3 of his kids while he is bachin' it as Lanae is in CA with 2 of her girls.) We made pizza and drank Zubberfizz. The Wrights brought Ice cream floats.

The Wrights are a terrific family. Elise especially was in heaven. They have 2 girls close to her age and those girls jumped right off the high dive into the pond! (John was impressed and immediately offered our boys in marriage to them.) John heard a conversation between the girls: "Does your dad let you drink Dr. Pepper?" Elise answers,"No, only if it's caffeine free." (Of course we had the hard stuff out) "Us too!! Isn't it SOOO good?!" "YES!" He said they bonded over their love of DP and pond swimming.

Krista and Chris were fun to talk to. We found we have many similar interests. She grew up in Weezer, ID then went to Mesa (Mt. View) and now they live in Prescott, Az. so we knew common people from all of those places. It was so fun for me to hear about people I knew and what they were doing. It's a weird thing because I lived different places and I remember people that most likely don't remember the girl that lived there only a year or two. I don't have the kind of roots you get living in the same place all of your life so I enjoyed talking as if I did! :)

I think the world is a small place and if you visit with anyone long enough you are likely to have a common friend. I think that is especially true in the church. I am always encouraged meeting good families from other places as sometimes it seems as though the world has gone mad. I am grateful for the gospel framework that helps us know how to have strong families. I'm glad the Wrights took time out of their vacation to hang out with us. I hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!
Note:No, I didn't ask them to sit in the field while I photographed them, Krista showed me their family photos on a fun site that you can check out HERE. The blog is fun!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Boating Navajo

We went to the lake today. We took Carl & Erika, Caleb, Zeb, & Lauren (some cousins and their friends) with us to Navajo for a few hours. The weather has been rainy, but it held for us.

John surfed with Jebb. OK, I am going to call Gabe "Crash" because he NEVER does! How annoying! ;) Seth boarded and Caleb made some spectacular face plants rivaling even Hank! Everyone swam and had a good time.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Music in the Mountains Concert

Gabe got to perform this week for Music in the Mountains. He has been going to classes every day for the last two weeks. I was SO proud of him!! He is surely the worst player in the orchestra, but I think that has it's perks as he is playing in an orchestra that is playing phenomenal pieces!! Hence- he seems like he is phenomenal! heehee :) He has had a great attitude and has really practiced and tried to learn as much as he could. He certainly has progressed a TON although I laugh when Gabe kinda shrugs with a smile and says he plays what he can and fakes it in the hard parts! :) The orchestra played in the FLC College Concert Hall and they did FABULOUS!

I thought about how much dedication it takes to be amazing at things like music, athletics, or academic pursuits. I must say I really can't relate to or understand the level of commitment it takes. I have never put in the time it takes to be truly great at anything (except maybe laundry). I know people who have and are, and I respect that a great deal. I honestly don't know if that is a realistic pursuit for the masses. Are we all able to be exceptional at something? Or is the very fact that 'not everyone can do it' which makes it extraordinary. I tend to think with enough work, we all could be masters of something-most of us just don't work at it enough. I have enjoyed pondering it.


Daisy is our dog we got from an adoption fair several years ago. She is a great dog that has a lot going for her. She is blazing fast and rarely barks. She is great with the kids and is as sweet as sugar. Unfortunately, Daisy has a dark side. Daisy loves to hunt and travel. Neither of these traits sets well with people like our neighbors. When she is chasing and killing rabbits in their front yards, it understandably freaks them out. Daisy is an avid climber. She can climb walls, fences, through windows, you name it. Daisy is also deathly afraid of thunderstorms. If we aren't home to let her in when one hits, she has been known to run far and fast.

Daisy went missing last week. This is not uncommon for a day or even two. We waited for her to return. And waited. She had a chip implanted in her before we adopted her and several times we have gotten a call from the local Humane Society to let us know she was waiting in their kennel. After about 5 days and no call we decided she must be gone for good.

Yesterday, our neighbors gave us several bags of clothes they had outgrown. After Gabe and Seth picked out what they wanted, we put it all into bags. John and I stopped at the Humane Society Thrift Store to ditch it on our way home from orchestra w/ Seth and Elise. Seth and Elise wanted to go in and look at all of the dogs. You can see what is coming right... Down the second aisle, there was a cute brown dog they called Snuggles. She was a stray that had been found out by the airport (a 10 min drive) last Sunday. Sure enough-it was Daisy sans collar! So 100+ dollars and a citation later, we had our dog back. (It was almost exactly a year ago to the day that I last sprung her from dog jail according to their records.) Apparently a family had come in today and walked her and were planning to return for "Snuggles."

I am having my doubts about the level of our pet ownership skills. Poor Daisy has to stay outside a lot because she gets into dead stuff and stinks. She has a chronic ear infection we can't cure. She ticks off our neighbors. But darn it, we do like her and she never goes hungry or wants for attention. I hope Snuggles is happy to be our Daisy again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lucky 13

July 22 marks the momentous day 13 years ago when John and I started out on a Grand Adventure. Yes, today is the anniversary of the two of us being Married in the Salt Lake Temple.

We had met only 4 short months earlier in Provo, Utah. We had never lived in the same state and hadn't spent more than the weekends together. CRAZY! But the Lord knew what He was doing, and although I really didn't know John, I had no doubt that he was the man I was destined to walk through life with. I am grateful for that knowledge because it has pulled us through some hard times. He has helped be to grow and to learn. I can honestly say that I am a better person from being with him. He has given me 5 wonderful children. He is an amazing Father and Patriarch. We have built a story and a history together. He gives me courtesy laughs when I think I am funny. He is a good listener and he always tries to find ways to make me happy.

I can easily say that I love John more now than ever (how cliche' but true!). Not only do I love him-- I really, really LIKE him. He is perfect for me and I only hope that we will have the blessing of growing old(er) together!

Happy Anniversary John! I Love You!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Summer Evenings

I LOVE Durango in July. The weather is warm, big white clouds meander across the blue sky, a good thunderstorm hits now and then, everything is blooming, the pond is calling.

You got what?!..Nooooo!

So we celebrated Jackson's birthday on Friday. The only problem was that I was sick in bed and slept a good part of the day-not good for trying to get a party started. I had the quilt my Mom made for Jackson (it is beautiful by the way and Jackson LOVED it!) and some PJ's for him, but that was it. We needed some sort of toy. So on his way home from work, John stopped at out beloved Wal-Mart for a birthday cake and a fun toy.

I have no idea what possessed him, but I think he might be trying to freak me out or send me back to my deathbed. ;) Instead of a cake, he thought cupcakes would be cool. He got the creepy dark blue ones. STRIKE ONE. I don't know if you are familiar with them, but the dye they use on the frosting is straight from an ink well. It turns not only tongues and teeth royal blue, but lips, fingers, clothing, and anything else that gets within striking distance. And it does not wash off without a fight.

Jackson opened his presents (Sweet Elise wrapped up some stuff out of her room and drew him a picture of a muscular Jackson-too cute!). Kristine and Hank came through for him too! The only one left was the one John got. I gave the gift bag to Jackson (Did I hear it growl at me?!). He pulled off the tissue paper and there in all their green, angry glory, were Hulk Hands. STRIKE TWO. Are you familiar with them? They are giant green stuffed fists that when you punch them, say things like "GRRRR" or "You won't like me when I'm angry!" How charming!

Could the evening be saved?! I think I saw John giving me a sly grin now and then. Oh how he loves to torment me!!

He was on thin ice when he told everyone to get in their swimsuits because he was taking them to the Rec Center and Burger KIng!! AND HE HITS IT OUT OF THE PARK!! He saved the party! Yes, John was the party tonight!! He is a true SuperHero!! Thank you Sweetie- you single handedly saved Jackson's birthday!! The frosting made for a fun blue beard moment. Jackson LOVES the Hulk Hands. Everyone loves the Rec Center! I guess that is why every child needs a Mom AND a Dad! Although we do things differently, there is a time and place for both approaches!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jackson is 5

Today is Jackson's birthday! One problem though...we haven't told him that today is the day! Yes, we are lame parents with too much going on to celebrate our darling son's special day. My good parents called all the way from Trinidad to wish him a Happy Birthday only to be put off by their irresponsible daughter until tomorrow!! They were great sports and said they would call back on the morrow. This year we will be celebrating on the 18th. I suspect we won't be able to get away with a stunt like this for much longer... so we'll just do it while we can!!

Jackson Grey Gilleland is one great kid. He has been a spunky guy from day one. He is always busy and I stayed home a lot, as he had no qualms about just running off to explore wherever we went. He is very uninhibited! This quality is most endearing when he is telling me he loves me. He hugs and kisses and cuddles! I love it! This summer he has come into my room very early most mornings and we snuggle until it's time to get up. He is a very good big brother. He is very gentle and concerned about his 'Jebb-Jebb.' Jackson is the certainly the most imaginative of all the Gilleland kids. He is always pretending amazing adventures for him and Jebb. Many times with Jackson I had wondered if he would always be a wild child, but he has mellowed into a most pleasant kid to be with this last year. Jackson adds so much to our family. His spunk is a fun spice in the Gilly mix! He has a soft heart and is already a ladies man! Happy Birthday Jacks! I LOVE YOU!!! (We'll party tomorrow!)

These pics are from the family reunion. He wanted us to take a picture together. John took one and I took one myself. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Music in the Mountains

Every summer in Durango there is a wonderful program called Music in the Mountains. It brings world class orchestras, chamber music, and special concerts to our little town for a couple of months. There is also a program offered for kids to learn from these great musicians. Kids come from all over the country and stay in the dorms for this Music Camp. Last year Seth and Elise took the Discovery class for Violin which introduced them to the instrument before school started. They will take another 1 week class next week to continue learning.

Gabe has played the cello for two years and there wasn't a class offered for his level. After talking to his school orchestra teacher (she is very involved with MITM) we decided to let him try the concert orchestra class. His teacher said it would be hard, but if he would practice he could do it. We actually missed Monday, the first day, so yesterday (Tues) I took him to Fort Lewis College where the classes are given. He goes from 10am-12:15, breaks for lunch, then again from 2-3:30.

To say he was nervous was an understatement. It is intimidating walking thru the halls. All of the kids that sign up for this program are hard core musicians at an early age. He was using my full sized cello to begin the day, as I had to go pick up his rental cello for him. So after I got the 3/4 size cello, I went back to the school and got to peek in at his class. It wasn't pretty.
The music they were playing was pretty dang complex. They were changing hand positions (Gabe told me the kid next to him showed him what 2nd position was) and had unusual key signatures and rhythms. It was easy to see it was over Gabe's head. He came out for his break and couldn't talk because he was holding back tears. He was, without a doubt, the worst cello in there. We talked for a while and he agreed to stay for the rest of the day and I would help him practice at home.

I am torn. I want him to work hard and have to stretch, but when is it getting into the realm of ridiculous? I think it is really good to feel uncomfortable and out of place sometimes, it helps us grow. This morning I talked to him and I was really pleased with his attitude. He told me it's really fun, except for having to play his cello. :) I laughed and told him someone has to be the worst so he should just go with it! I told him he doesn't have to perform (they put on a big concert at the end of the 2 week session) but I would like him to keep trying to learn the pieces. He agreed. I really thought he was going to refuse to go back, and I was ready to let him quit. It is hard not to want to protect our kids from anything painful or difficult. When we look at our Heavenly Parents, they don't keep us from painful or difficult things, they just help us through them often letting us struggle along. We agreed to take it a day at a time. We let him take his bike up to the college to ride around on during lunch-I think that will help ease the pain! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


It has been our family tradition for many years to take a mountain trail over to the town of Telluride, CO each summer. We travel in our 6-wheeled, kid hauling, off road Pintzgaur. This year we had the pleasure of going with the Kofords in their red jeep. They brought along some friends that had 2 jeeps too.

Our trip is always breathtakingly beautiful! This trail has many fun water crossings and some insane views. You feel like you are on top of he world!

We have always done Black Bear Pass (which the Kofords have done with us too), but decided to try Imogene this year. It is the highest mountain pass you can take a vehicle over in the U.S. Fun!

We started the day very early Friday morning, which was a challenge as we still haven't adjusted fully to CO time! :) We left earlier than the Jeeps as our top speed is 55 on a downhill. This trail takes off from Ouray, CO and takes us up into the rugged mountains to heights of over 13,000 feet. Having just been in Hawaii, I was awestruck by the diversity and beauty that is The Creation. I am so grateful for our wonderous earth. I also never cease to marvel at the tenacity of the early settlers in the west. The miners who built and traveled these trails were CRAZY!!

We made it into Telluride where we stayed in a big room with the Kofords for the night. The next day the kids had a ball swimming in the pool. It had a slide but the stairs were broken so you had to take the elevator up a level to go on it! They all thought that was cool. The hot tub filled with bubbles at one point (my kids said they had nothing to do with it), they liked that too. We met another family with 6 kids-ya-they were Mormons from Denver. I love meeting Mormons in random places!! We enjoyed the pool and fun, but it was time to head home.

We always take Ophir Pass home from Telluride (that is the Koford's red jeep on the right). That trail drops you down close to Silverton, CO. From there we cruised back to Durango. We stopped at Pizza Hut on the way home and the kids had a pizza party while the grown-ups went out to dinner. It was great! Rod and Jill are really great to hang out with. They put up with my oddballness and uptightwiththekidsness. I am so glad we got to spend time with them in such a gorgeous place!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jet Lag

Jet Lag Stinks.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Pineapple Train and Home on the Plane

This morning I peer pressured everyone into going to the Dole plantation. John had to agree since he and the boys had been sneaking out in the mornings to surf on a board he rented for the week ;).

Admittedly, it sounded kinda boring to the kids and honestly I thought it would be only mildly interesting but since it was only 6 miles from us I wanted to go.
It was really busy! I guess lots of tourists like pineapple too. We got to ride a small train and eat pineapple ice cream (fun for a few bites, then it's too strong for me! :)). We bought some souvenirs and ended up really enjoying ourselves! Who knew pineapple could be made into so many tourist trinkets?! Overall, it was pretty darn fun.

Today was our last day in Hawaii. We were originally planning to stay another day, but I booked our flights wrong (I fired myself as our travel agent). We take the red-eye flight back home overnight to Phx then Durango. I felt like it took us all a few days to get reacquainted and really hit our stride. It seemed like we were just settling in when it was time to say Goodbye. We loved seeing Kip's beautiful family. Their kids are really great girls and I am glad that we got to know them a little better this week (I even told them the secret to one of the only card tricks I know!). My kids were really sad to leave and we all hope that we can get together again soon! Aloha!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mormons in Hawaii

I loved going to the local ward today in Waihmea! It was Fast Sunday so we got to hear from lots of the local members. I LOVED how honest everyone was. It was refreshing and great to hear people openly acknowledge their faults and the fact that they are trying to do better. So often (I do this all the time) we try to put our best self out for public consumption. I certainly do this even in this blog. I try to focus on the good things our family does. I figure my kids know i pretty much suck a great deal of the time and they will have no problem remembering that, so I am trying to document the good stuff too so that when they tell me I have messed up their lives, I can show them smiling pictures! :)

I find the honesty with shortcomings very endearing. It makes me feel more at ease because I too struggle each day. It was easy to love and identify with the Sister who said her kids tell her she can't be mean like she is to them and still come to church. She humbly explained that church was like her medicine and she needed it to help her be a better mother each week. I feel the same way. I grump at my good husband, I yell at my kids about dumb stuff, and I procrastinate dishes way too much! Church and the Gospel truly are not for those who are perfect, but for those that recognize their need to do better. My kids enjoyed Primary too. They said the kids were so wild that even Jackson was one of the most reverent. They were feeling pretty good...but isn't that how church is supposed to work?! :)

Beach Photos

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Saturday, July 5, 2008


We went snorkeling this morning. The water here is amazing-warm and beautiful blue. Although we all were a bit seasick on the rough swells, everyone had a good time! Some of us saw a 3 legged turtle. Pics to come

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fiery Fourth

We spent the day hanging around our beach house. We went to town for groceries and decided to pick up some fireworks and sparklers (anyone that has been to our house on the 4th knows this is our way). After dark, Gabe and Hank lit up what ended up being lots of fountain type displays for us (we missed our New Mexican fireworks! :)).
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So then of course it was time for the kids to run around with fire emitting sticks known as sparklers. It was odd, because usually we give the safety lecture, but this year we just lit 'em up. Lame mom that I am, I was letting Jebb run around in just his swim trunks. (Can you see coming what I was oblivious to?) J & J were having a great time until Jackson decided to pretend his sparkler was a sword and Jebb was the bad guy. Poor shirtless Jebb let out a huge scream as he got burnt under his arm with a hot sparkler. Jebb was screaming and Jackson was crying saying he was so sorry to Jebb. Ah, the wonder and the horror of fire. Jebb is all right but has a small though bad burn on his torso. Jackson promises he will never hurt him again. I curse myself for my apathetic parenting stance!! There is definately a Gospel analogy in there. Playing with seemingly harmless fire without shield of shirt. Not meaning any lasting harm to another. It's fun. It's in the dark. Everyone is doing it. How about Parents should pay attention...!
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Happy 4th of July. The United States is truly a unique and promised land. How grateful I am to be able to live here and raise my family according to the dictates of my own conscience. Although I dislike the way our culture seems to go in many ways, I know that having freedom of choice is an absolute neccessity if we ever want ourselves, our families, and even our culture to grow.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Polynesian Cultural Center

Today we hit the Polynesian Cultural Center. Several of the kids are not just sunburned, more like sunfried... so the PCC is not only a good time, but also good timing. Check out the PCC HERE.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is set up with different areas representing the Islands of the Pacific. It is staffed mainly by BYU-Hawaii students that show-and-tell about each culture. There are shows and demonstrations throughout the day so you wander at will to throw spears, or learn how to open a coconut, maybe take in a hula lesson. Kip actually got to participate in a drumming demonstration which was fun. There was also a bus that takes you on a short tour of the town of Laie and takes you to the Hawaiian Temple Visitor's Center (loved that!).
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Doing anything with a large group is always a challenge and the PCC was no exception. Throw in a hot day with ridiculous humidity and sprinkle with sleep deprived kids and you have a recipe for... well... it was at times a culturally challenging day! :) But we pressed on, though slowly, from island to island. We sought out shade and expensive ice cream. A brief rain shower was most enjoyable! Did I mention it was HOT?

Even with the heat, I think everyone enjoyed the PCC. I loved seeing the shows and demonstrations. We also stayed there for the luau (John and I got to participate in an anniversary dance since we were married in July) and the night show. Poor Jackson was waiting for the fire dancers but he could barely stay awake. It was definitely worth staying up for. Amazing! I just loved the night show and seeing all of the dances. The women were absolutely beautiful when they danced so gracefully and the men were very fierce with their war dances. I was amazed that dancing could be so totally Feminine and Masculine at the same time. The Polynesian People are beautiful. They are all shapes and sizes but they seem confident and poised. They love family and are happy, open, and generous- all cultural norms worth emulating.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Holding Back the Ocean

This morning on the beach I had a most enjoyable time watching all of the kids work together to build a wall of sand to keep the waves from washing up into a large hole they had dug. They were quite diligent and quite hard working. They all had a common goal and they all tried different methods to accomplish this task. Some were digging with their hands in the manner a dog buries his bone. Some had shovels to scoop sand. Some used buckets to import more sand. They worked furiously hoping to fortify their wall enough to withstand the next wave that made it far enough up the beach to be a watery threat to their hole.

Of course you can't hold back a wave of the ocean with a wall of sand. The big wave in the set would come, the wall would give way, everyone squealed and hooped, and the hole they were trying to protect would flood. Then they would begin again in earnest. They were like little worker bees! Digging, scooping, importing.

While I enjoyed immensely the kids all working together, the whole process got me thinking. How often do I try to hold back the ocean? I think I do it too often. I build my walls with sand. I work hard at the idea. If the ocean comes I will often start over and build faster. For me it is often sand walls of pride and I often fuss and stew over them. I want to have things my way and I am willing to work hard to justify why that wall will work. But the Lord in his wisdom has the ocean. Although it washes in and seems to undo all of my work, I find the wave leaves me behind with a humble respect for the infinitely greater power of the ocean.

The Lord is all knowing and all powerful. I am learning in my life that if I will let Him wash over me I can feel his power and I don't have to waist so much energy on my foolish ideas. I hope I am learning to go with 'His' flow, so to speak. I am grateful the Lord lets us work lots of things out through trial and error. While the walls we build might get washed away, we are often stronger and wiser from the work. I hope the longer I live the better I will be at letting the Lord's power wash over me and hopefully I will have his Spirit to flow through me so I won't waste so much energy on things that will not last.

Some of the kids took longer than others, but they all eventually abandoned thier futile task and focused thier energy elsewhere and the day continued on brilliantly!