Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thoroughly Neglected

I have pretty much ignored my boys today (Elise spent the night w/ Afton...thanks Lanae!). I am under a deadline for completing Kristine's quilt by this Saturday. I was finishing stitches then cutting and sewing fabric. So ya, I have basically left the boys to their own devices.

How does it turn out when I do this? Well, Gabe and Seth have been playing the Wii (MX vs. ATV Untamed) ALL DAY. No exageration. I make them break occasionally to go outside and get sunlight. J&J have been rotating between NintendoDS, watching Nick Jr., eating GoGurts (about 6 apiece) and riding trikes. So sad.

I was getting close to finishing when Jebb ran by me and I noticed he looked weird. I looked a little closer and noticed he was sporting a new do. That's right, J&J cut their bangs. I guess it serves me right having them look like the poor neglected orphans that they were today!! Summer buzz, here we come.


Laurene Ross said...

Leave it, Spike it! It would look cool!

meegz said...

If this isn't normal at your house -- hmmm? you must be a good mom. I remember TOO many days like this when I was pregnant. Now IF I tend them semi-well I figure I'm an AMAZING mom!LOL