Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer of SLC

Well, we have gone to SLC to stay in our lovely condo (G&G Ross' home) once again. I feel like we have done this before!

I am definately not a very fun traveling Mom. I just want to BE THERE. I need to enjoy the journey. Unfortunately I feel like the journey is often "Don't touch me" "That's MINE!" "I want to sit there" "How much further?" Etc. Etc. I think the trips would go much smoother if I planned activities or had maps or whatever. Any great ideas for a Mom that feels like she is just lucky to get all 5 kids in the car before she pulls away (I realized Jackson had no shoes in Cortez)?!

I think I need personal space sometimes. When we drive in the truck (which we did this trip) there is always a kid in the spot where I would enjoy an armrest and a drink holder! :) I get tired in the afternoon and do the Dr. Pepper/Sunflower Seed combo (only good while driving).

Listen to me go on! I should be grateful I don't
have to come to this valley by handcart. Do you think their kids fought in the back seat of the covered wagon?

Enjoy the journey, Enjoy the journey, Enjoy the journey... :)


Laurene Ross said...

Sometimes there is to much fog. The fighting and the boredom. When we used to travel it was the same,with the exception of no hand held games. My kids miss so much because their heads are down in a game or watching a DVD. What to do.

meegz said...

I know someone who doesn't do the DVD or handhelds because she wants her kids to enjoy the scenery. Then she drives in the night a lot!:) LOL -- I think it's whatever you can handle.

Personally -- we do the DVD, Nintendo DS, books on tape, scripture scouts (the last two are really the kids favorites) and THEN we fill the time with boredom.;)Works for us.:)

Everytime we drive somewhere I am AMAZED at how fast we get places -- even though it seems like FOREVER -- we can really go a long way quickly with out little non-leather, manual everything, mini van!:)
Like you said, sure beats a handcart!!

meegz said...

BTW, on the way to Montana one time we got to Idaho Falls before we realized Gavin didn't bring shoes. Common problem I guess.:)