Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ross Reunion Day 4

My turn to make breakfast. Cocoa Roos it is! Just kidding-that would never fly! After a breakfast burrito bar, we forced the kids to pause their ongoing Wii tournament long enough to pack up to go to "This is the Place" State Park.

It is not only a monument to the declaration by Brigham Young about the SL Valley, it is also a pioneer village. We thought we would only spend 2 hours or so there, but we ended up staying most of the day. I really, really enjoyed this day. As I read and heard about the pioneers and what they did, I was once again struck by their phenomenal faith as they walked West without a final destination for certain. I am so grateful for that heritage of Faith in our church. It is remarkable.

The kids enjoyed doing pioneer chores, making necklaces with arrowheads, riding ponies, petting goats,pulling handcarts, riding the train, making cricket crafts, and learning to make rope. We enjoyed everything so much in fact, that we just stayed and ate lunch in the park before heading home in the late afternoon.

Tonite our family was also in charge of the devotional and Brad asked me to show and tell about Ethiopia. I loved talking about it with my family as I had not with most of them. We packed into Kim's basement for the slide show. Most of the kids even stayed for it! :)

Our dinner was fun tonite. The kids stayed at the Hannays for a pizza party while all of the adults headed for Macaroni Grill! YUM! We had a lovely stressless dinner and the kids has fun without us too.

After Nicole did our closing devotional, I think one of the kids favorite things was the GLOWSTICKS that Keryn got for everyone! What a perfect thing for the perfect evening weather in the Hannay's back yard!

We had glowing frisbees, light sabers, and jump ropes. The kids had a ball! Another great day with the Ross Clan!


meegz said...

How much longer are you in town for?? I have a HUGE favor to ask.

meegz said...

ps they are the quilts from maggie's clothes(my dad's wife that just passed away)