Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ross Reunion Day 2

Sabbath is here for the Ross Reunion. At past reunions, this is the day when we are all packing up to return home. This time, we were just gettin' goin'! Now of course it might be difficult to find something for all of these busy cousins to do (we do seem do have a large percentage of rambunctious boys:)). Luckily, Brad and Keryn, planners of this year's reunion, had our day well planned with good stuff.

After a yummy bagel bar put on by the Skip Ross Family, we all wrote letters to G&G Ross. The kids really enjoyed that! We all got dressed and headed out for the Hannays ward. I think we freaked out the Primary a little bit, but it all worked out well.

After church we had a yummy Italian feast at the Hannay Home before heading out to Temple Square for the wonderful and terrible Ross Group Picture. We always dress in coordinating colors and make small children stand in the hot sun and smile... it's barrels of fun. But of course we HAVE to do it so we can have a photo to take home. I LOVE all of the photos from years past. It is great seeing how our family has grown (numerically and vertically).

We took a few family shots and lots of random shots. I love digital cameras because I can let Seth and Elise wander around with the camera and not worry about them wasting film. The took some interesting shots! :) Since the lighting wasn't ideal, we enjoyed going around the Visitor's Center. My kids all wanted to go see the Christus. It was great to wander and wonder at different displays.

We met back at the fountain at our appointed time for 'The Task.' We started out a little ambitiously with the Grandkid group shot. I know it doesn't sound too tough, but most of the cousins are quite young and vivacious. Somehow over the years I have evolved into the official people placer. It is a lot of pressure and I wish there were rules for this type of thing, but all in all I think they turned out quite well! There's a funky backlight effect that kind of makes us all look like we were Photoshopped onto the Temple grounds! :)

After some more individual family shots we decided to go for the whole enchilada... that's right...the full-on Group Photo! The lighting was pretty darn good and the moods of most of the babies were pretty good too. Could we luck out twice in one night on pictures containing 20 Ross posterity? We thought we should get the SLC Temple in the shot if at all possible. Missing of course were G&G Ross and Deb, but we were also missing Steve as he was home feeling VERY ill. But we pressed on...

Well, I think I have to call this one Mission Accomplished. Not perfect (Gideon is quite the gymnast with the backbend:))-but pretty darn close!! The odds aren't on your side with this many little guys, but I think all things considered, this one was a keeper for the year.

We had ANOTHER meal at the patio in front of the Nauvoo Cafe. Lovely! You certainly can't say we're not being well fed! And we get to put on our swimsuits tomorrow...OIY! ;) I made John have one more pic taken with me and I must say-I love it! :)

Great way to spend the Sabbath at our Family Reunion.

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George and Eva Ross said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
I hope Steve is feeling better.
We sure miss being there. We aren't having nearly as much fun.
We love you guys,
G & G Ross