Saturday, June 21, 2008

Ross Reunion Day 1

Well, we kicked off the Ross Reunion in our usual fashion... by eating way too much delicious food! :) In fact, I think that is a recurrent theme so far! After Nicole made us a yummy breakfast, we tried a new activity this year which I hope we will make a tradition. We assembled hygiene kits for the Church's Humanitarian efforts. We had an assembly line going and all of the kids worked like busy bees. They were awesome!! I can now see how child labor can be truly productive. We did 100 kits!

After the kids painted their hats with puffy paint, we headed out for Provo to watch Ty in the 7on7 football tournament down at BYU. A pattern was starting to emerge as we were served up a scrumptious lunch by Skip and Laurene. It was HOT so we all found shade where we could after eating too much. Ty played great and his team got second overall. I admit I was glad when we took off for bowling where the air conditioner would soothe our overheated souls.

We hit the Wilkinson center in search of ice cream but alas, we didn't find any and just had to bowl away our blues. And we did! Everyone bowled really well and Kim is actually thinking of turning semi-pro as she smoked all of us! The Hannays were the only family that didn't have the little gutter guards and she still beat us all!!

Here's a pic of all the kids in their bowling shoed glory...

After our bowl-o-rama, we went guessed it...our next meal! That's right, it was dinner at the beautiful Kiwanas Park. John said when he lived in Provo the trees in that park were small. Talk about dating yourself! That's not info you share! :) Brad and Keryn served up a lovely dinner and we all enjoyed the shade and the cool grass. Brad closed the night with the devotional he had planned to give us as we all sat on the "Y."

Yes, it was the plan to hike the Y. We couldn't bring ourselves to do it in the heat and I think it worked out for the best! :) We all made it back to SLC pretty tired and after showers the kids willingly hit the hay to rest up for another day together!

A special shout out to our only missing family members: Deb wasn't able to come this year...Hey Deb! We love and miss you! And of course G&G Ross are on their mission in the West Indies! Grandpa just got called to be the Exec. Sec. in his District (a BUSY job!). We hope you are having fun and all the grandkids pray for you! We love you guys!

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George and Eva Ross said...

We love the pictures! We miss you guys tons and tons!
Angel came and sat with us in Sacrament meeting today. She loves my long pink finger nails. She has a little brother under 1 year. Her parents are in our temple prep class. They just don't take the place of our own grandchildren! We think about them often.