Saturday, June 7, 2008

Primary Humanitarian Project

The kids all got to participate in a great activity. The Stake Primary organized an humanitarian project where the kids assembled school kits for people in need. I am so glad! I am grateful to all the leaders that volunteer their time to make Primary a wonderful experience. What a terrific service activity. Of course they had fun too. John took a few pics (he was cleaning the church;)).


Mimi said...

I just have to tell you Michelle that I just LOVE reading your blog and the awesome pictures...I know I don't always comment, but I do just really enjoy all you do. I look forward to checking your's and Megan's blogs daily and am disappointed when there's not a new entry:)! I forgot to ask Will for Val's bday...again!...just talked to him. I'll call him tonight and ask. I know it's in March and I think it's something like the 25th, but I'm just not sure.

ShelleyG said...

Thanks Jan! I went with the 25th for Val! :) When are you guys coming here? Let me know!