Friday, June 6, 2008

The missing demographic

I was asked several months ago by my friend Karie Brown to come and speak about my trip to Ethiopia. She was in charge of putting on a dinner/fireside for the Single Adults in our Stake (30+ unmarried). I agreed. I went thru all of my photos and put together 50 or so that were representative of my trip. I was planning to use the church's projector connected to my Mac for the 'slideshow'. I had trouble getting it all to work, but after a desperate email to Brad and buying an adaptor, I was able to get it going.

So, tonite was the night-6:30 was the magic hour. I collected some things I got in Ethiopia to display and had my handy computer ready. John went with me (he didn't want some 30 something single guy making a pass at me haha). We got to the church early and Karie and another woman did a great job decorating. Karie told me that they were to expect 20 people, so they had 4 tables decorated with cute carved elephants. I set up the screen and computer. Shwew. It was all still working. I was ready.

6:25 arrived and so did Kathy Callister, a sweet widow from Karie's ward. 6:30. Hmm No one else has come yet. 6:35 a tall, skinny, white haired cowboy from Red Mesa arrives. We wait a few more minutes. No one. I guess we should pray and eat the sloppy joes. So we did. We ate, and visited, and just brought the bottles of soda right to our one table that we all sat at.

That's right- 2 people showed up to the dinner! We decided to make the best of it so we had seconds on dinner, then I got up to talk. They had a podium set up for me to talk to both people. Actually, there were 5 people (John, 2 RS women, and the 2 single adults). I went ahead and went through my pictures, telling stories and sharing experiences and lessons learned. I had a great experience and really felt the Spirit when I testified that the Lord is aware of us and will bless us when we try to do good in the world.

I think the cowboy wasn't super into it, but the women all said they really loved hearing about my experience. John said he thought it went great. I loved thinking about my wonderful friends in Ethiopia. Too bad there are only 2 Single Adults that showed for it!


George and Eva Ross said...

We would have loved to have been there. We had heard very little about your trip. Love the pictures! Maybe you can use the presentation for Relief Society or a RS activity or even at the book club group and find a cool book that ties in with the theme of giving and sharing.

Bradley Ross said...

I think I feel a presentation coming on for the family reunion! We'll video it and send a copy to Grandma and Grandpa too. Are you up for it? You've already got the slideshow all ready!

I remember an event for a BYU stake I was in. They invited Johanne Perry to perform a one-woman play written by her husband Steven Kapp Perry. It was scheduled in the Madsen Recital Hall at BYU.

I was nervous that too many people from the stake would come and overflow that relatively small venue, so I didn't invite Keryn to come with me as I intended. (We were casually dating at the time.)

It turned out that only a handful of people turned out for the event. Sister Perry still performed the full hour-long show for us, music and all. It was wonderful. I was so sad that so few people chose to attend! Sounds like you had a similar experience.

meegz said...

I'm proud of you ALL for continuing with the event. It's sooo tough to plan something and have few people attend...but sounds like you are a wanted woman in other venues too!:)
So when did you go? HOW? I think maybe your presentation with comments needs to be posted on you tube.!!!:)

Laurene Ross said...

I hope you share your experience with us. I want my kids to be involved some how in helping and serving others. You are a great source of inspiration for me. Sometimes as you well know it is just one you reach that reaches thousands.

Mimi said...

When did you go? I missed out on that info. What an opportunity! I too would love to see your presentation. Nyta and Rex (cousins from Utah) are coming by here next week (leaving their dog with us while they go across the line) and I asked them to bring their slide show so I can see what they have on their mission in Brazil. I love home movies:)!