Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The ol' Switcharoo

Last night we had 2 boys spend the night with Seth, Kanyon Mann and Richard Baird. We sent Elise to the Mann's home, so we had a house full of boys this morning. I went on a Relief Society visit mid-morning, so lunch was almost upon us and we were without groceries. Not a problem, I live just minutes from our Super WalMart. I took the Subaru because I went alone and because it is FAST!

The parking lot was full-summer is here-so when I shopped I was careful to keep it under 20 items so I could hit the express lane. Sliced meats, cheese, rolls, gogurts. I busted out to the car and popped the trunk with my handy keychain. I unloaded the groceries into the trunk but left it open as I took my cart to the return area. I figured it would help dissipate the hot air in the trunk since I had lots of refrigerated items.

I am now moving at a quick pace so I could get home to feed the troops. I put away the cart, head back to the car, close the trunk and hop into the drivers seat. But wait, something was not right.

It was interesting how I had so much sensory input in the matter of a millisecond. The seat felt too poofy on my bum (not bucket-like). The interior was tan and the seat was too close to the steering wheel. And I don't own a brown sweater like the one in the passenger seat. Yes, that's right... I totally hopped into the WRONG CAR! How did this happen?!-I wondered to myself in the next millisecond.

I quickly hopped out and went to the back of the car. A nice little elderly man was walking back from the cart return.

I asked him if I had just gotten into his car! He said yes. I said I was so sorry that I almost stole his CAMRY! There was a large red mini-van (huge actually) between his silver Camry and my silver Subaru. The minivan driver happened to see the whole thing and was chuckling with us by now. My car was just beyond the giant, sight-impairing van with it's trunk still open. What kind of weirdo leaves their trunk open when they return their cart?! Me and the Camry guy I guess.
Here's a Camry
Here's a Subaru

Ok-even if I could convince anyone they look alike, I still feel pretty red-faced!!! :)


meegz said...

NIIIIICE -- I am laughing out loud! It wouldn't have been so funny had you not had spectators!:) Something I would do for sure.:)

Nicole said...

Not too long ago, I was sitting in my minivan at the post office while Drake went in to get out mail. While we were waiting, a lady from our ward (who has the same minivan) came out of the post office reading her mail. She never looked up as she got in to the passenger side of MY car, and shut the door. After a moment I said softly, "Marlys, you are in the wrong car." She looked at me and full on screamed! Her husband had gotten out of their car a few spots away and was standing in front of my van laughing hysterically! I love to tease her about it to this day. (-:

Laurene Ross said...

You and Nicole are busting me up! I am glad you documented this. Your kids will get a great laugh from it.