Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hooray for Lanae

Thanks to Lanae is once again in order. Tonight when I went to pick up Seth, she was getting dinner ready for the missionaries. I slyly tricked her into inviting all of the wild Gillelands over too! Yipee! Yummy! I had been in Farmington all day and hadn't even thought about dinner (One of these days I am hoping to have an increased desire to cook...). The Manns are very cool people and are always willing to serve. Lanae is someone that is always DOing and I love that about her!

Thank You again Lanae! These Pictures have nothing to do with dinner, but as I looked thru my photos, I realized I have tons of Lanae the Aquanaut (I think that's a word that means Super Water Chick! :))

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