Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jebb

Today Jebb celebrated the big 0-3. The baby is no longer such a little baby! I typically let the birthday kid pick what I will make them for dinner, so we had homemade pizza (the big kids influenced that one as I think Jebb would pick hot dogs). With everything going on this week, we had a fairly simple party ;). OK-here's how lazy I have gotten in my old age. Jebb actually knew each toy I had gotten him, as I went to WalMart late last night (yes, less than 24 hours ago) and he and Jackson were with me! I even let him pick one thing out. And let's talk about gift bags. Could wrapping get any lazier? I have several that I just recycle for each kid's B-day-- although I do try to use new tissue paper each time. I took each bag as he "opened" it (ie pulled off the tissue paper laid on top of the gift) and neatly folded the bag back up...Jackson's B-day is next month.

The Manns were able to come over to help us chow down. They are always great sports even when I am so lazy as to call the morning of. John's old friend from high school, Shawn Lister, and his family (wife Justine and kids Sienna & JJ) were in town and came by to join us as well. They are city slickers as they live the middle of San Francisco where they can walk to most everything. They were really nice to visit with too.

We had a fun surprise when G&G Ross called us from Trinidad to wish Jebb a Happy Birthday! I felt bad we hadn't opened the quilt Grandma left for him yet. She made a quilt for each grandchild before they went on their mission. They sound like they are doing well. We opened presents pretty late after everyone went home. Jebb totally knew what his quilt was and who made it for him. He was feeling very cool. Grandma stitches each kids name into the quilt and we had fun laying it out and looking for it.

Jebb is a special little man. He has a sweet disposition generally. It is fun to see his personality developing. He likes to pull funny faces and I have seen him practicing them on many occasions. He is certainly the baby of the family and is catered to by not only me, but by all of his older siblings. He has become more assertive as he has gotten older. He is not afraid to take the bigger kids on to get what he feels like he deserves. He still likes to snuggle me in the mornings and we watch cartoons together after the kids go to school. I let him get away with little things like eating a cookie on my bed (John finds the crumbs). He is adding new and more sophisticated words to his vocabulary all the time and we are often having 'watch your language' talks with the big kids. He is the only one that still screams my name with joy and runs to hug me when I am only gone for an hour. He tells me when he is grumpy, but he usually tells me "I am Happy Jebb!" with a big grin (he even manages to pull this off amidst crying if he thinks it will benefit his agenda). I am blessed to have Jebb for a son. He brightens up our whole family.


Laurene Ross said...

Happy Birthday Jebb!I hope the next three years are just as awesome.

Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Jebb! I remember when you had your party last year and I was there! It was great reading about this year's celebration! Keep on being "Happy Jebb!" Love, Aunt Jan