Monday, June 16, 2008

From South to North

This morning I woke up all of the kids and got them showered before we hit the road at 8:30a to head for Provo--not bad for staying up so late! :) We had to be to BYU to check in Gabe and Seth for football camp. Yes, this is the second BYU camp of the summer for them... I originally was only signing them up for football, but ended up doing the Father/Son thing too.

We got to BYU and checked the boys into their camp and dorm. They are staying in Heritage Halls (they said Helaman Halls was way cooler:)). I made their beds then helped them unpack while Jackson & Jebb jumped on the newly made beds. Gabe was cool as a cucumber but Seth was nervous (He gets impatient and short when he is nervous--just like me!). He is technically too young to do the overnight camp (it's for 6-8 graders), but they said it was OK for him to sign up. I talked to them both tonight and they sound like they are having a good time. Seth told me what great prices the Creamery has on ice cream ("Cheaper than Wal-Mart Mom!") and Gabe told me the councilors wrapped his cast in foam and it's driving him crazy (I assume it's so he won't club someone on accident)!

They are getting so big! It tugged at my heart a bit to drive off and see them walking to the practice field with all the other kids. I am glad they have each other. We had the "Your brother is your #1" talk and the "Say your prayers" talk and the "You better call me!" talk. I hope all of our talks sink in a little... They called tonite and are getting along and promised to say their prayers when they hung up. Maybe it doesn't all fall on deaf ears! ;) I am grateful for them. They are good big brothers and we miss them when they are gone.

We drove back to SLC and I convinced my nephew Ty to drive up to Logan with me. I needed to drop off John's truck for some work and I thought Ty might like to see Mount Logan Off-Road where we took it. John Williams is the owner and his brother Nate is the head Fab guy. It is amazing what you can make with a welder and a little imagination. We saw the desert truck they have created out of an old F150 for (my) John. This truck used to be the same as Papa Ross' red truck. Fun. Ty followed me up there in the Camry then we drove home together. Kim gave J&J naps and Elise shadowed Nate while we were gone. The drive to Cache Valley is a beautiful one and I enjoyed hanging out with Ty. I wonder what he thought of the trip as I am his old lady aunt! :)

I covered some miles today as I drove from South to North. The Wasatch Front is really beautiful right now, green but not overgrown, and the warm weather feels SO good!! The kids played with water balloons tonight at the Hannays. I love the evenings this time of year! John called me and it sounds like he made the most of the warm evening too. He went to the lake for the first time this year. He went for a few hours after work with Hank and a couple of other guys from work! He said the sunset was gorgeous. I miss that guy.

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Laurene Ross said...

Michelle-I have to find out what time Skip flys in and then I will get back to you. Sounds fun!