Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fabric Run

Saturday evening we are having a 70th B-day party for Krisine (please come!:)) As you may know i have been working on a quilt. I decided to do a pieced back (several different fabrics) while at the fabric store in Farmington yesterday. Last night I changed my mind. One fabric for the back would look better. But I didn't have enough of the fabric I want to use (a pretty red floral)!

John to the rescue. He is making a fabric run for me on his trusty motorcycle. We twisted Gabe's good arm and got him to go too. I hope they get the right stuff... :)

I have to say that it often freaks me out how similar John and Gabe are. Their sense of humor, their outlook on life, their attitudes, and their general disposition are so much the same it's spooky.


meegz said...

We have our own little mini Philip here -- Gavin is a clone. I agree it is spooky!:)
Unfortuanatly -- the other two tend to follow my traits -- that actually scares me more.:)

Nicole said...

You are brave to send those two on a fabric run for you considering John is colorblind! Hee hee.

meegz said...

I thought it was Kip that was colorblind?:) LOL