Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Club Hannay

Another smokin' hot day on the Wasatch Front. Luckily, we are well connected.

Everyone knows what a terrific guy my Bro-in-law Steve is, but how did he get that way you may wonder..?.. Well, he has a couple of really great parents, Bob and Karina. We asked to go swimming in their backyard pool today, and they graciously obliged. When we got there this afternoon, not only did we get to swim in their awesome pool and use all of their fun flotation devices and water toys, they even had put out refreshments for us under a shady tree. Red vines, red grapes, taffy, and a cool beverage refueled our little minnows as they splashed with their cousins.

Skip (my Bro from Virginia) had just arrived from the airport, so we hooked up with the Ross Clan at the pool as well. Simple addition will tell you that there was a lot of splashing and laughing going on at Club Hannay. Their backyard is so beautiful you feel like you really are at a resort! What a perfect way to spend a balmy afternoon! Thanks Hannays! You are truly gracious and generous hosts!

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meegz said...

Glad you're having fun in good old Utah.:)