Thursday, June 19, 2008

BYU Boys

John flew into SLC at 7:30 this morning. Everyone was dead asleep when I woke them and loaded them in the car. I really missed him. Everything just goes smoother when he is here. He greases the wheels of our family machine.

We picked up the boys from BYU Football camp today. We went a little early to see the last game as Gabe called to tell us his team had made it into the finals. They play short 7 on 7 games without a line. Gabe did great! He actually got 2 interceptions!! Pretty good for having a cast! Seth was their most vocal backer. They did not win the game, but I was really proud of what a good sport he was when they lost and pleased to see Seth so supportive! We checked them out of the dorms and headed home. They had a really great time and just love BYU!! How fun!

*Brag alert*: Gabe just made an interception!! Lucky catch and lucky shot w/ the camera!

I couldn't believe how beautiful the mountains looked today as we sat in the field watching the game. What an amazing world we live in. The Lord really saved the Saints a nice corner of creation.

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meegz said...

Your evil scheme is working!:) I can't remember..WHY? did you guys want them to go there?? Just Kidding -- it really is a great place to be.