Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All Good Things

Yes, truly all good things must come to an end. My kids were talking about how fun it would be to invent a machine that would let us go back in time to the beginning of the reunion so they could play with everyone for a few more days.

We cleaned the condo, packed up our stuff, tried to eat some more of the food (there was still LOTS left), then we hit the road for our return trip home. When I asked the kids what they liked the best, they agreed on both the water park and bowling. :) I love seeing everyone together. While there were certainly some squabbles and scuffles here and there, I think the kids did a good job playing together and including everyone. Even though we are all related, we have a lot of diverse personalities and interests which is wonderful. Keryn and Brad did a terrific job of planning activities where we could all participate and enjoy our time interacting. I know it is a lot of hard work planning for such a large group with such a wide age spread but I think they did an absolutely bang up job!! I think it will take a few days for me to catch up on my sleep and my laundry! :) Although we missed those who were not in attendance, I think it can be chalked up as another successful Ross Reunion!

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meegz said...

Thanks Michelle -- as of now, I just need one quilt done. How much time does it take? Is it something you have to set aside lots of time to do? If it is I can just pay to have it done here...lemme know.